Community-Led Private Genetic Medicine

A secure biomedical data network connecting healthcare researchers with diverse patient communities to accelerate research and advance precision care.
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of people have a rare disease


of rare diseases are genetic


of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved therapy

Empowering Connections for Progress

Geneial is transforming the way healthcare research is conducted. Our secure biomedical data network bridges the gap between healthcare researchers and diverse patient communities. We're committed to accelerating research and advancing precision care, ensuring every voice is heard and every data point matters. Our platform is built from the ground up using cutting-edge encryption technology and state-of-the-art data management approaches. Data privacy and security is at the core of what we do.

We're shaping the future of genetic medicine

Our innovative platform offers unparalleled opportunities for researchers and patients alike, fostering a community where progress and privacy go hand in hand. We provide the tools and support needed for every step of the genetic research journey.
  • Accelerating research with comprehensive data tools
  • Amplifying individual voices in medical research
  • Ensuring data security and community engagement

From Concept to Discovery

Geneial Bridge facilitates advanced research through streamlined data capture and provides customizable tools for detailed genetic analysis.

Holistic Approach to Genetic Understanding

Our platform provides comprehensive phenotyping for in-depth patient profiles and integrates broader health metrics to advance research.

Empowering Stories, Influencing Change

Geneial Advocate centers on flexible, patient-centric consent processes and offers tools for sharing experiences and outcomes.

Secure, Shared Progress in Healthcare

We uphold rigorous data privacy standards while fostering a platform that encourages collaborative research and community engagement.

We are driven by values

Our mission is to help relieve human suffering through accelerating precision and genomic medicine.
We aim to accelerate the discovery and treatment of common and rare diseases that affect every race, gender, and nationality. We recognize the many advances over the years in developing treatments to prolong human lives, and recognize the inherent Eurocentric bias of drug research.
We also recognize the value and sensitivity of genomic data and the need to protect data ownership and ensure privacy and confidentiality.
That is why we’re creating a secure search engine and exchange for biomedical data – a platform where Data Owners can ‘rent’ their data on their terms, without sacrificing transactional-level control or ownership.
We value openness and privacy — our technology protects health data and commercial interests while achieving the vision of universal data exchange.
We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in medicine—we want all populations to benefit from advances in precision medicine.

For Researchers

Accelerate Research with Geneial Bridge

Capture standardized and custom data fields efficiently, create publication-ready figures, and access comprehensive phenotyping tools. Benefit from longitudinal data and the ability to recontact participants, enriching your research with real-world insights.
Maintain Ownership, Control, and Privacy

Your research data is secure with us. We ensure that you maintain ownership and control, prioritizing privacy in all our operations.

For Participants

Empower Your Genetic Narrative with Geneial Advocate

Experience flexible electronic informed consent and engage in a platform that values every narrative. Geneial Advocate is your avenue to contribute to a more inclusive genetic future. Share patient-reported outcomes and experiences seamlessly, joining a global community dedicated to healthcare equity.
Your Voice, Our Commitment

We believe in the power of collective knowledge sharing and are committed to a future where every participant's voice is heard and valued.

Support from the NIH

We are proud to have received multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health to support our mission of advancing genetic and personalized medicine. This recognition from the National Human Genome Research Institute underscores our commitment to connecting researchers with valuable biomedical data, while ensuring patient privacy and data ownership.
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If you are a clinical laboratory, sequencing center, or rare disease advocacy group, we’d love to hear from you.

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